Oct 30, 2014

The future of Michigan wolves is in the voters' hands

On this year’s ballot, the only state-wide proposals that are listed deal with the topic of wolf hunting in Michigan.

Oct 30, 2014

In 2013, over 255,000 Michigan voters signed a petition to oppose a wolf hunt and put the issue on the 2014 ballot. Instead, a law passed silencing their voices.

A commission of political appointees would make decisions based on half-truths and misinformation to justify a trophy hunt. Even the Department of Natural Resource’s Wolf Digest states “a wolf attack on a human being has never been documented in Michigan.”

Oct 30, 2014

To the Journal editor:

Oct 29, 2014

Proponents of wolf hunting in Michigan haven’t made their case for the two statewide ballot proposals. They talk in terms of protecting farmers in the UP. But hunting predatory wolves is already legal. They say a hunting season is needed so that wolves get the message to stay away, but there’s very little evidence that works.

Oct 28, 2014

The grey wolf was taken off the federal list of protected species in 2012, having recovered from being nearly hunted to extinction by the mid-twentieth century. A year later, the state of Michigan held its first grey wolf hunt and a total of 22 wolves were killed, about half the permitted quota for the season.

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Oct 28, 2014

The midterm elections are next week, and they include a number of important ballot proposals, including ones in Michigan that can save wolves from being hunted and let voters decide how animals are treated.

Oct 27, 2014

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Nobody likes to be scolded for what they have done.

But sometimes there is no alternative.

This autumn, the people of Michigan owe Lansing’s political bosses a serious dressing down.

Gentlemen and ladies of the Legislature, go to the woodshed, please. And lobbyists, get out of the way.

Oct 27, 2014

Michigan voters will find two referendum proposals on the Nov. 4 ballot. The Sierra Club Michigan Chapter is confident that if citizens review the facts carefully, they’ll vote “no” on both measures and will restore some control over future wildlife matters in our state.

Oct 25, 2014

Kristen Bell, the Michigan-born actress best known as the voice of Anna in "Frozen" and her titular role as teen detective "Veronica Mars," is speaking out about wolf hunting proposals set to appear on the November 4 general ballot.

Oct 25, 2014

It may be merely symbolic, but Michigan voters will get a chance during the Nov. 4 election to send a message about whether hunters should be permitted to target the gray wolf, a hardy predator staking a new claim to the Upper Peninsula a half-century after being shot, poisoned and trapped into statewide oblivion.

Oct 25, 2014

Michigan is home to fewer than 650 wolves. Once critically endangered with only three wolves recorded in 1989, their population has recovered under government protection.

Oct 24, 2014

I and a group of people have been going door to door to inform people of the important Proposals 1 and 2 that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot. We are amazed how many people are unaware that a voting right the people of Michigan have had for at least 100 years will be taken away if we do not say “no” to Proposal 2.

Oct 24, 2014

Should Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) create a wolf-hunting season? That question will be on the statewide ballot this November.


Oct 24, 2014

Wolf expert opposed to state hunt to speak at Wayne State, Grand Valley universities

DETROIT (AP) — An expert who opposes the Michigan wolf hunt speaks this week at two Michigan universities.

John Vucetich’s talk is entitled “The Truth About Michigan Wolves: Deconstructing the Myth.” The Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project co-director speaks Friday at Detroit’s Wayne State University and Saturday at Allendale’s Grand Valley State University.

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Oct 22, 2014

Michigan voters will get to weigh in on two laws that allowed wolf hunting in the Upper Peninsula.

The Humane Society just started airing ads aimed at persuading voters in the closing days of the campaign season. But whether people vote “yes” or “no” on wolf hunting, the two ballot questions are not the final word on the issue.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta explains.

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In the 2014 general election, Michigan voters soundly rejected two referendums on the trophy hunting and trapping of the state’s small population of wolves. But now, the Michigan legislature has rushed through another bill, SB 1187, to once again designate wolves as a game species to be hunted and trapped—in spite of that public rejection of an almost identical measure at the ballot box just two years ago...


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